A welcoming Bywater tavern in a historic building on the lakeside of the St. Claude corridor, we feature 40 Beers On Tap and some of the freshest, most creative burgers in New Orleans.

Open from 11am to 2am, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

21 & Up with ID, please.




This year may mark the third annual Louisiana Craft Brewer’s Week, but it’s our very first and we’re celebrating with a packed schedule! Please join us as we continue to establish ourselves as Bywater’s best selection of local and national craft beers with four events packed full of special offerings. Brewery representatives will be on-hand for all events, ready to win you over with effusive amounts of pure charm and charisma, plus giveaways and swag.

Sunday, September 13 / 2p-5p: LACBW KICKOFF with 40 Arpent Brewing

Featured Beers: 

Red Bean Ale (draft)

Nothing says “Monday in Louisiana” like the smell of Red Beans and Rice, so it was only natural that these ingredients ended up in a Louisiana beer. 40 Arpent’s take on a Red Ale is light in body and features nice earthy notes from the Camelia Beans and Northdown Hops, followed by a crisp finish.  ABV: 4.2%

Citrus Bonanza IPA (draft)

40 Arpent has taken their Duckweed IPA and added an explosion of citrus! Featuring liberal amounts of Galena, Bravo, Cascade and Falconers Flight, this Gulf Coast style IPA is a sessionable brew with hints of spicy herbal hops, sure to please the hop junkie in you. ABV: 5.2% / IBU: 63

New Basin Stout (22oz Bottle)

Newly available by the bottle, this Milk Stout is brewed with rich, roasted, coffee-like barley and Mount Hood hops for aroma, balanced with creamy milk sugars. The result is a highly drinkable café au lait stout with a semi-sweet finish. ABV: 6.2% / IBU: 30



Monday, September 13 / 6p-9p: LACBW Brewer’s Night with NOLA Brewing Co.

Featured Beers:

Darkest Before Dawn (draft)

NOLA Brewing’s first lager is a Munich Dunkel, a dark European lager that is a deep dark copper to brown color. Brewed with predominantly German Munich malts and a small amount of caramel and dark roasted barley, this beer will have a rich, malty aroma with a hint of sweet chocolate.This lager will not be a hoppy beer and the malt shines through on the tongue.  ABV: 5% / IBU: 22

ALS Farmhouse IPA (draft)

This Farmhouse IPA exhgibits a light straw color from an IPA malt bill, and crisp finish with a great hop aroma, along with slight herbacious and grassy notes from the Saison yeast.  The hops used in this beer are an experimental blend from Loftus Ranches, and have only been offered to approximately 50 breweries in the country. Each brewery chooses the beer style they want to brew, then a portion of the proceeds goes to the ALS TDI foundation.  ABV: 6% / IBU: Undisclosed

Rebirth Pale Ale (draft)

Rebirth Pale Ale is a sessionable, American-style pale ale that uses five different malt varieties and desirable hops including Cascade, Simcoe, and Citra. The pale ale is wonderfully balanced and its hop taste and aroma allows for more than one indulgence at a time. Rebirth Pale Ale pays tribute to the Rebirth Brass Band while supporting music education for New Orleans’ youth through the non-profit organization The Roots of Music.   ABV: 5% / IBU: 41

               NOLA Mecha (16oz can)

This “Hop Monster” is an American Imperial IPA boasting Bravo, Columbus, Centennial and Citra hops. Beware of Mecha’s powerful flavor and its attack of half pound per barrel dry-hop aroma. Not for the faint of heart… or palate. Hop heads, this one’s for you! Brewed with love, brewed in New Orleans.  ABV: 8.8% / IBU: Undisclosed

Tuesday, September 14 / 6-9p:  LACBW Brewer’s Night with Tin Roof and Bayou Teche

Featured Beers:

Tin Roof Juke Joint (draft)

This India Pale Ale features a solid malt backbone, huge floral and citrus aroma, and a nice strong bitterness up front that fades and don’t leave you puckered. Juke Joint is the aroma hop lovers’ dream. ABV: 7% / IBU: 60

Tin Roof Barrel Aged Parade Ground (draft)

This Robust Porter is brewed with a special blend of New Orleans Coffee Company mocha and French roast coffee. This smooth brew is full of coffee and chocolate flavor – come check out this specially barrel-aged batch!  ABV: 7% / IBU: 35

Bayou Teche LA31 Biere Pale (draft)

Using Belgian malts and American hops and yeast, LA31 Biere Pale is a distinct new style of beer. Traditionally brewed, it is classified as a Biere Pale, or Louisiana Pale Ale. It is bronze colored with a biscuity malt center, herbal hop flavors and a gentle, mellow bitterness.  ABV: 5.2% / IBU: 27

              Bayou Teche Knotts Berry Biere

This special offering starts with Bayou Teche’s Coteau Rodaire, a farmhouse-style ale aged in French Sauvignon Blanc barrels. This special batch features the addition of blackberries to the aging process to give it a delicious, fruit-tinged note.  ABV: 6% / IBU: 15

 Bayou Teche Miel du Sauvage (22oz bottle)

In France, farmhouse breweries have crafted Biere de Miel for centuries – an ale brewed with an ample amount of local honey. Honeybees were long an emblem of French nobility and ultimately adorned Napoleon’s flag of exile. Miel Sauvage is Cajun French for wild honey and our Biere de Miel is fermented with honey from our neighbor, Bernard’s Apiaries and with barley imported from France. This mahogany colored beer has a pronounced honey aroma and is barrel aged to contribute a smooth vanilla oakiness.  ABV: 9% / IBU: 30

Thursday, September 16 / 6-9p: LACBW Brewer’s Night with Covington Brewhouse

Featured Beers:

Covington Strawberry Ale (draft)

This year-round beer favorite combines genuine strawberry puree with a classic Cream Ale to create a uniquely flavorful experience. Very light and easy drinking with a tantalizing hint of strawberry flavor and aroma, Strawberry Ale is superb with boiled crawfish, salads and desserts, or alone as a refreshing treat.  ABV: 4.5% / IBU: 5

Covington Chocolate Vanilla Fest Biere

Fest Biere is brewed in the tradition of the German Maerzen style. This classic autumn brew has a rich, amber color with a blend of malts and earthy hops that produces a smooth, deep toasty flavor that’s perfect for changing seasons. And just to celebrate the first event for Covington Brewhouse hosted by Junction, brewmaster Brian “Bruiser” Broussard will be mixing in a healthy dose of Chocolate and Vanilla to this seasonal classic, bringing the brew to a whole new level.  ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 20

Covington Anonymous IPA (16oz Bottle)

Covington Brewhouse’s Anonymous IPA is the first result of a scientist and a rock’n’roll brewmaster collaborating on the best kept secret in downtown Covington, Louisiana. The beer is a blend of six different malts, six different hops, and a lot of tender love and care from our brewing team. The maltiness and beautiful darker than average color comes from the Munich, Aromatic and Caramel malts with a splash of pale chocolate malt. The amazing hop flavor and aroma created by the six different hops are going to remain anonymous. So far nobody has figured them out. This brave new beer is brewed by and for innovators. Go ahead. Expect the exceptional. We think you’ll like what’s brewing.  ABV: 6.2%